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Coming Home by Loralata Coming Home :iconloralata:Loralata 2 1 Chapter 4: Ah Shit by Loralata Chapter 4: Ah Shit :iconloralata:Loralata 10 6 [IV] People Business by Loralata
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Only the truly talented are in my favorites :)




Coming Home
For the back to school event! Callet and Van Gogh are ready to arrive on the Evanbelle Express to enjoy the opening festival and make new friends this year!
Chapter 4: Ah Shit
Entry for Chapter 4! Completed on time by the skin of my teeth!

Aeris wandered through the circus, enjoying the rides, munching on some snacks, picking some pockets. What could she say, old habits died hard! The longer she stayed however, the more she noticed some suspicious activity. Security seemed to be tracking the... stranger looking residents of Indieville and there seemed to be darkness along the edge of this circus. Wandering along the edge of the circus' family friendly events, Aeris discovered the truth, the people being held for the freak show. Aeris felt a ball of rage begin to boil in the pit of her stomach. As someone who had been held against her will for so long, she wasn't going to stand aside and let this continue.
[IV] People Business
"Start talkin'.... or else you're gonna have a bad time..."

Aeris, who has been squatting on the edge of Indieville for the last few weeks finally wanders into town hoping to scavenge for some food when something catches her eye. A poster, with her face on it! How, could anyone have known she was here, she had been keeping herself, no one should know she was here. Ripping the sign down she quickly skimmed through the article. It stated that it knew she was a Hesperides nymph, in the service of the Grecian god Nyx, commander of the night sky and that she had spent her life guarding the tree of knowledge. The article also claimed Aeris had escaped to Indieville to find a former lover, which wasn't true in the least but that was the least of her concerns.
Gods like Nyx drew power from people's prayers and thoughts, and since no one had worshipped Nyx since who knew when, everyone reading an article about Aeris was going to be a big glowing beacon for Nyx to find her! She quickly tried to gather as many of the posters and newspapers but it was too late. Nyx sent several of Aeris' sister to kill her, no one left Nyx's service and lived. Somehow, Aeris managed to not only survive the attack but kill several of her sisters, Now, Aeris has a new mission, find who wrote the article, and give them a bad time.

[Bust w/ shading + simple background + event = $45]
Total: $105
Let's have a Nice Chat

Any interest in a little rp with Aeris? I'm sure she's up for anything.

[Full body color and shading + simple background = $60]
[IV] Aeris
“Are we going to have a problem? You got a bone to pick?”

Name: Aeris Hesperide (Not her real name)
Gender: Female
Age: Appears to be about 23
Race: Hesperide Nymph
Height: 5’7

Job: N/A (Wants to become a self defense coach or personal trainer)

Class: Rogue
Fav. Food: Nectarines

LUCK: [1]
    TOTAL: 15

[Kali Sticks] Two, foot long poles made from the wood of the golden apple tree the Hesperide defended, packs a serious punch and a little magic of their own
[Phone] Comes with an with Undertale phone charm of Flowey
[RWBY wallet] Has to have somewhere to keep the little money she has

[+] Determined, Daring, Witty, Perceptive
[+/-] Athletic, Resourceful, Sarcastic, Adaptable
[-] Stubborn, Insensitive, Aggressive, Distant

Likes: Nature, Theatre, Video games, Combat, Dancing, Banter
Dislikes: Alcohol, Ignorance, Talking about herself or her past, Failure

Aries is a from a specific clan of nymph known as the Hesperides, which were the goddess-nymphs of evening and the golden light of sunsets; children created by the God of Night, Nyx. The Hesperide nymph’s were created by Nyx from the seeds of the golden apples from the tree of knowledge. Each nymph was grown from a seed and given a true name, which only Nyx and the nymph would know. This gave Nyx power over the Hesperide to control them, for whoever learned the true name of a Hesperide nymph gained control over said nymph.  
However, as time passed the Greek Gods of old were no longer worshiped as they once were, without subjects to pray to them and offer up sacrifice they started to loose their power. Aeris was the last Hesperide nymph created, as such she lacks the immortality of her sisters but along with her mortality came the ability of individuality and free will. Aeris decided she didn’t want to spend her entire life defending some magical fruit, after all most humans had completely forgotten the tree even existed. Aeris doesn't like to talk about what happened after she left or how she escaped but she is constantly on the run.
 Aeris hid among mortals for a long time, absorbing their culture and bringing herself up to date on the modern world. She cut and dyed her hair, and learned how to forge her own paperwork, choosing the name Aeris for herself after the video game character who protected the golden flowers, she isn’t above irony. After finally making it to the United States, she is currently a squatter in the woods.

Her Voice 
Is really good at forging documents, so if you need someone to create you a fake ID, fake a report card, or create a new identity for you she’s your girl
Isn’t a people person at first but if you can keep up with her sarcasm and banter, you’re all good
Loves to play video games and is always looking for someone to test her skills
Is easily bored and will sometimes start a fight or do something mischievous just to entertain herself

RP Method: Discord or notes, prefers a paragraph form but I can do a script form
Shipping: If it comes naturally and there is a solid connection sure, don’t want to go in with the exception of it happening
RP Comfort Meme

A valuable meme for any role-player!
So dear ole :iconbeariewinkle: decided to tag me in another meme... so here we go!

Come display your comfort levels so your role-play partners are aware of what they can do, and of what they should avoid! A healthy relationship between role-play partners is the key to a good time!
While this meme shows the basics, please remember to communicate with your role-play partners!

Role Play Basics

I am comfortable doing:
- Comment 
- Chats
- Notes
- Forum
- Google Docs

I tend to reply best in notes and comments, I'm open to skype but I don't like to give that info out to just anyone.

I am comfortable with:
- One on one role plays.
- Up to three people.
- Up to four people.

- Five or more people!
- As big as possible!

I love coming up with rp's with awesome people, but past four and I tend to get a bit overwhelmed. I also prefer for the group rp to be with those I'm friends with C:

Post Length
I usually write about:
- One or two sentences.
- One or two paragraphs.
- Two to five paragraphs.
- More than five paragraphs.
- A few pages worth.

I try my best to match my partner's writing style but I always try to aim for at least a paragraph!

I am comfortable role-playing with people who write:
- One or two sentences.
- One or two paragraphs.
- Two to five paragraphs.

- More than five paragraphs.
- A few pages worth.
Again, I try to match!

Role-play Requests
I like getting requests from:
- Anyone and everyone at any time! 
- When I ask for role-plays.

- From friends and acquaintances.
- From friends only. 

Like I said you wanna rp I'm your girl!

Romantic Relationships
** Important: Communication is the key to a real life relationship, it shouldn't be abandoned for a fictional on either! Be sure to talk to your partners when considering romance!

I am comfortable shipping my characters:
- Never. 
- Our character know each other deeply. 
- Our character know each other deeply, and I know I can trust the role-player.

- At the first sign of flirting!
- Only if the role-player and I plan it.
- It depends on the character.

I'm not one to believe in love in first sight. Relationships are built on trust and knowledge of the person and not just a physical attraction. You wanna start a ship with my babies it'll take time and consent on both ends. 

When shipping my characters, I like the romance to happen:
- Swift as lightening!
- Fast, but not super fast.
- Happens in about three months.
- Slow and steady wins the race.
- Slugs know what's up!
- My relationships know no speed. They happen if they happen.

Honestly it all really depends on the character! I have characters who's mentality would be fine for a quick relationships and others who need some serious coaxing. But I do prefer to take things slow and not be rushed with shipping, because that kinda deters me from the whole thing.

When my characters gets intimate, I prefer:
- To skip the act entirely. 
- To write the build up, but skip the act.
- To write the act only if it is very special, but otherwise skip it.
- To write the act all the way through.
Being in a relationship I really don't feel comfortable writing smut, shipping is one thing... doing the dirty is another. I might e convinced but I honestly just prefer skipping it.

Romantic Artwork:
When it comes to artwork depicting our relationship please:
- Do not post it at all without talking to me.
- Post it if it is cuddles and hugs.
- Post it if it is kisses.
Post it if it is much more.
- Do not post it at all if it depicts sexual acts!

- Do not post it where I can see it, but draw what you like!

If our characters are officially and openly in a relationship then go for it! But if we're still just in the shipping phase I prefer to steer clear of this for the time being and if you wanna draw something a little more... I'd prefer you ask

** Important: Always be sure to communicate with your partner individually if you think you are about to go outside their comfort zones even just the slightest bit!!

When it comes to violent situations, I am comfortable with:
- No violence at all!
- I'm fine with verbal arguments!
- Some violence, like a paper cut, or an accidental elbow to the face.
- Mild violence, such as punching, kicking, hair pulling.
Violence, such as stabbings.
- Beyond violence, such as torture and more.

If you are going to do something violent, please:
- Don't do it at all.
- Talk to me about it first.
- Surprise me!

I'm usually cool with surprise fights but please no god-modding! It's no fun if my character can't dodge any hits or defend themselves.

Dramatic Artwork
- Do not post any dramatic scenes that that happened between our characters.
- Talk to me about it before posting!
- Post what you like!  


Just call me Lor ^_^
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
The world with tiny Heartless...
a talking duck...
a boy that fights with a giant key...
and a ship powered by smiles...

Yeah that's my reality ^w^


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I've always wanted to have commissions done by some of my favorite artist. However, being a poor college student I can't afford to do paypal...but points that I can do!

Anyone who is willing to donate any points I would be really REALLY grateful.
Donate points and get a llama or a sketch!

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